c.mota is an ever-evolving group of curated favorites honoring the timelessness of personal style. Comprised of small-batch production and 1 of 1 Originals (remastered versions of existing pieces), this line of future heirlooms is thoughtfully constructed and ethically produced. Each item is built to improve with wear and care, embodying our commitment to durability, craftsmanship, and a seamless fusion of form and function – what we like to call The Art of Utility.

Founded by Carla Mota, formerly Design Director for the iconic Champion Sportswear brand, c.mota merges effortless everyday style with a heritage sensibility. Influenced by military, workwear and athletic classics, our process revolves around transforming sustainable fabrics into good-hearted garments with honest functionality. Our creations are globally sourced, then meticulously handmade in and around New York City at local factories and garment wash and dye facilities, as well as by the designer herself. We never mass produce.  

c.mota is free-spirited, street smart, easy to wear, and always imbued with integrity, from artisan textiles to the renewed sense of purpose in a reworked Champion sweatshirt or vintage find. Each garment is the result of an obsessive attention to detail, fit and finish. We hope these lovingly made pieces become indispensable building blocks for your personal style.