Cinch Backpack - Clay
Cinch Backpack - Clay

Cinch Backpack - Clay

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This backpack cinch sack is perfect for a short haul. Just what you need for an outing.   

Mud cloth from Mali, West Africa also called 'bogolan' which literally means "earth with mud".  The cloth is handwoven into strips from locally grown cotton and sewn together. The textile is then dyed with organic materials including fermented mud and plant matter.  The tie-resist-dye technique gives each cloth a unique pattern, no two are ever alike.  Drawcord is vintage from my mothers lifelong salvaging efforts .... she was the real OG of reUse and reMake ...way ahead of her time! xO

  • 100% cotton Mud Cloth and trim
  • 100% cotton webbing 
  • Machine wash 
  • Imported fabric from Mali, West Africa
  • Width - 17"
  • Height - 21"